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I was a big skeptic about acupuncture, and I only tried it because of my daughter's strong insistence. I had two complete knee replacement surgeries and was experiencing some lingering pain. After two treatments, I was amazed! I could walk more easily and faster and I didn't limp - honest! The best surprise was the treatments weren't painful. I have changed my attitude! - S.N.

I have struggled with TMJ disorder for over 15 years. I was in constant pain and even had difficulty sleeping because I would wake up many times during the night to "crack my jaw". With a night appliance and 2400 mg of ibuprofen daily I survived, although not very well. With the constant urging (make that nagging) of my mom I finally decided to give acupuncture a try. Being a pharmacist highly trained in Western medicine, I really didn't think it would help but I didn't see a risk, so I finally decided to make my first appointment. I was in very bad shape and on day one I walked out able to open my mouth without the bone on bone noise and pain-free. Pain-free!!! After a couple of months of treatment I now function pretty much normally and only use ~ 800mg of ibuprofen per month (usually unrelated to my jaw). Scientifically I still do not understand acupuncture but I KNOW without a doubt that it has changed my life. - C.H.

I came in to Many Rivers for treatment twice a week for about eight months and once a week since. My initial complaint of severe pain in my forearms was completely resolved in a month or so and I continue to be pain-free. I continued treatment long after my initial complaint was resolved because of many wonderful improvements in my physical and mental health. I had gotten to the point of defeat with many long-standing mental and physical symptoms I had assumed were permanent. The impact on the quality of my life was significant although I was in complete denial about it. Thanks to consistent treatment my overall physical and mental health have profoundly improved in ways I never imagined. I truly enjoy Carrie's presence and the simple beauty of Many Rivers' environment. Because of Community Acupuncture in general and Carrie in particular, the profound self-healing in me has been ignited making health and wholeness possible. - L.P.

I have suffered from chronic dental pain from the removal of my wisdom teeth and TMJ for over ten years. In the last couple of years the TMJ became so severe that I began suffering from TMJ associated migraines for weeks at a time. I was in extreme pain. I have have a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.S in Mathematics. I approached acupuncture as an experiment, noting how I felt immediately after and a few days after each treatment. I have found the treatments very helpful. When my symptoms were at their worst a couple of treatments substantially reduced the migraine pain, as well as the pain in my ear and jaw. Additional treatments brought me to a steady state with minimal pain and muscle soreness. A combination of a NTI night guard and a couple of acupuncture treatments every few months as needed have kept me in a stable state. Since I use community acupuncture it is inexpensive and easy to get an appointment. This is a great solution for me. - J.N.

I highly recommend Carrie Sawtell both for her high level of professionalism and also her effectiveness as an acupuncture practitioner. Carrie consistently demonstrated both knowledge and skill as she treated me for a number of ailments or conditions. She thoroughly answered my questions and made sure that I was always comfortable. Carrie customized each treatment based on my needs. - K.S.

Carrie gave me acupuncture on my wedding day. She was caring, professional and detail oriented. I felt safe under her care on such an important day. After my treatment, I was in less physical pain and was also much more relaxed. I'm confident my treatment improved the quality of my wedding day. I would definitely recommend Carrie as a practitioner. - J.H.

After injuring my ankle again from a previous injury I was in a great amount of pain. A number of days later the pain was no better. Someone suggested that I seek acupuncture for the pain. I was very skeptical about this but had to try something to get rid of the pain. My first visit they inserted the needles in the opposite foot which seemed very strange to me but I could actually feel the pain reduce almost immediately. After the second visit it was significantly better and I was able to stop taking pain killers. I have not had any problems with the ankle since the treatment. Have and would recommend it to anyone. - E.G.

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